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oven repair

Home Appliance Repair
replace hinges on simpson evolution 906 fan forced oven model no 21010659

I need my lawn cut

Lawn Mowing
Stones Corner Brisbane - Back and front lawn - Pensioner rates please
Initially, the area needing attention will require some extra effort as is a bit overgrown.....ongoing maintenance, if required, will be easier to maintain

Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
This is a commercial property located upstairs and about 90sq plus stairs. needs a deep clean plus we have about 10 chairs that need cleaning as well. Best to come and inspect first. Need completed within 10 working days.

Lawn cut please

Lawn Mowing
Need front and back done. Loacation Karalee.

Lawn mowing back yard

Lawn Mowing
Need the death weed eradicated too . It’s prickles are rampant all over lawn. Back yard is uneven and more or less two levels to mow will a hill between.

Monthly Office Cleaner

Office Cleaning
Carpet office with tile entryway / 2 small toilet areas / 1 small kitchen benchtop with sink
I would prefer to work on a time, probably two hours maximum. First priority is to do the bathrooms. Maybe this would take the cleaner two hours. Then next week, the bathrooms would take less time and maybe add in the floors and other things.