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    What’s the cost of lawn mowing services in Brisbane?

     Costs can vary, but the average cost for lawn mowing in or around Brisbane is $50. Of course, you need to consider your lawn’s size and your grass’s height or condition.


    How to select the top lawn mowing pro

     While we are all busy and short on time, keeping your lawn constantly cared for throughout the year is important. The good news is there are many good Lawn mowing services available that will keep your lawn looking spruced and maintained. Most Brisbane lawn mowing pros offer the basics. Most will provide many others, such as weeding, fertilising, garden landscaping, rubbish removal, slashing, pruning and gutter cleaning. When you decide to hire a lawn mowing service, these tips will help you find one that works best for you.


     Recommendations and Referrals

     The most efficient ways of finding great quality companies are by word of mouth. Asking friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations and referrals is always the smartest route. You could also source reviews and references from local services and follow up with their previous customers to get a few extra details.



     All lawn mowing companies on Sprooce are rated on a five-star basis by past clients. The common grade is a fast way to see how well a business or expert does its work.


    Ensure you get the right price

     Budget is obviously important, so don’t be afraid to ask about their rates and what level of service comes as standard as well as extra options.



    General inclusions you can expect in your lawn mowing service?

    A regular lawn mowing Brisbane service involves cutting the grass to between 5-10 cms, usually using a petrol lawnmower. All Sprooce Lawn mowing contractors will take their own equipment, plus bags to remove the rubbish away. With a large garden or acreage, ride-on-mowers are usually required. Depending on your needs, your lawn mowing pro may also offer further inclusions such as…



    All our Lawn mowing pros will usually carry a whipper snipper to tidy and clean edges, difficult areas to reach and footpath or curb edges. They’ll also trim around garden beds, trees, and garden pieces for a clean, Sprooce pro shine.


    Rubbish removal

    Leaf blower are used to remove grass from the pathways and edges to leave a look. They can also remove all lawn clippings and debris before cutting. Ask your contractor to leave the clipping if you require them for composting.

    However,  removing hard rubbish is not included in your lawn and should be removed before the contractor arrives. 



    Fertilising is important to keep your lawns lush and green and be an essential part of your garden maintenance. Knowing which fertilisers to apply can make al the difference, so be sure to check with your contractor if they can use fertiliser and at what price. Remember, healthy lawns need less watering and ar far more weed resistant than unhealthy lawns.



    Killing weeds

    Weeds not only look unwelcoming but also destroy and kill healthy grass. After all, who wants to worry about prickles and spikes. Keeping your grass trimmed regularly, and manual weed removal will keep your lawns looking a lot more robust. 



    Regular aerating is a good idea as it stops the soil from compacting and helps the grass grow healthier. Aerating your lawn requires a machine that punches small holes in the ground at regular intervals allowing for better drainage, oxygen, water, and nutrients to help foster better root growth.



    Do you have annoying bare patches on your lawn? It may be time to Add garden seeding to your lawn mowing Brisbane service. Ask your lawn mowing contractor before starting whether they can seed these areas on completion and at what price. They will get your bare areas growing in no time.